Hi, my name is

Skylar Zhao

I build and design things for the web


I'm a graduate of DePaul University with a BS in Information Technology (concentration in Web Development) and User Experience Design. I believe it is not only important to make interfaces that work, but also important to make interfaces that creates a positive user experience.

In my free time, I enjoy making and building miscellaneous things including painting, sewing, knitting, mending clothes, building mechanical keyboards, and a bit of woodworking.


HTML/CSS Bootstrap JavaScript React Node Python Java WordPress Figma Photoshop Illustrator


Web Development


Simple Resource Site

West Wing Gallery of Vaporwave

User Experience Design

Artist & Craftsman UI Fixes

Bridgeport Bakery Redesign

Saucy Porka Redesign

Graphic Design

Fan Studies

jeez bananas! Zine

wibbly wobbly thing

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